The Patent Pending 3Dfier
is a directshow filter that transforms normal video file to 3D in realtime. 3Dfier filter works with popular media players and support various video format as long as the files were played using direcshow.
Here you can download demo versions for evaluation purpose. This demo version runs for around 10 minutes. We are happy to work with 3D display makers/OEMs to customize a filter that works for the specifc display. Anaglyph is not the best way you can view 3D with 3Dfier filter but it is most easily available. 3Dfier works perfectly with side-by-side 3D Displays such as iZ3D monitor. It also works with 3D Vision Video Player and Stereoscopic Player that supports multiple 3D Display devices including Zalman 3D monitor, nVidia 3D Vision, e-Dimensional shutter glasses and 3DTVs. Current version works with most versions of Media Player Classic. It also works with DVBViewer and allows you to watch DVB TV channels in 3D. Contact us for more information and partnership opportunity.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

User's Guide for Stereoscopic Player

3Dfier User's Guide for Stereoscopic Player


Stereoscopic Player 1.5.4 or above.

How to use 3Dfier with 3D Vision Video Player or Stereoscopic Player

1. Uninstall the prior version of 3Dfier. Be sure to install the Visual C++ 2008 redistributable (vcredist_x86.exe) for the first time installation of new 3Dfier.

2. Install 3Dfier 2D to 3D DirectShow filter.

3. Install 3D Vision Video Player or Stereoscopic Player, open the File menu, choose Settings and get to the Decoder tab. From the "Preferred Filters" menu select the Video Processor and click on the Add button, then select the "3Dfier 2D-to-3D Transformer filter" from the from the list of available filters on your system.

When opening a video file from Stereoscopic Player, select Side-by-Side input format.

How to use 3Dfier

After successfully installed 3Dfier, you can find 3Dfier Control Panel on the Desktop and in the Windows Start Menu.

Launch 3Dfier Control Panel and you will find a 3D icon in the system tray.

Right Click on the 3Dfier icon to get access to the controls:

1. [Enable]: click on this to enable or Disable 3Dfier 2D to 3D conversion. Any selection will take effect only when you launch Strereoscopic Player or open a file next time when filter driver can be loaded.

2. [Video Input]: In order to make 2D to 3D conversion work for Stereoscopic Player, please select "Normal" (default).

3. [Video Output]: Select "Side by Side" (default) for Stereoscopic Player.

4. [Enhance Details]: This is a new feature that could take more CPU usage in order to render detail 3D effects.

5. [Anti-Flickering]: For reducing the flickering effects during scene change. (default enabled)

6. [Swap Left/Right]: This is for swapping left and right eyes depending on the left and right settings you might set for Stereoscopic Player.

7. [Adjust Background Depth]: This is used to adjust the depth of the background.

8. [Adjust Scene Depth]: This is used to move the overall scene forward or backward.

With these settings properly set, you can start to enjoy our most natural 2D to 3D conversion experience we are to offer. Thanks for using 3Dfier.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

3Dfier Directdhow filter v1.0.21 demo is ready for download

What's new in this release:

-Fix compatibility issues with some versions of Media Player Classic

-Add the support for DVBViewer through its postprocessing plugin. Now you can watch DVB broadcast in 3D! Anaglyph, fullscreen interleave mode for Passive Polarizer Displays and eDimensional shutter glasses are supported. The setup of the plugin is a bit complicated. Hopefully DVBViewer folks will come out an easier setup soon.

Here you can download the latest demo.