The Patent Pending 3Dfier
is a directshow filter that transforms normal video file to 3D in realtime. 3Dfier filter works with popular media players and support various video format as long as the files were played using direcshow.
Here you can download demo versions for evaluation purpose. This demo version runs for around 10 minutes. We are happy to work with 3D display makers/OEMs to customize a filter that works for the specifc display. Anaglyph is not the best way you can view 3D with 3Dfier filter but it is most easily available. 3Dfier works perfectly with side-by-side 3D Displays such as iZ3D monitor. It also works with 3D Vision Video Player and Stereoscopic Player that supports multiple 3D Display devices including Zalman 3D monitor, nVidia 3D Vision, e-Dimensional shutter glasses and 3DTVs. Current version works with most versions of Media Player Classic. It also works with DVBViewer and allows you to watch DVB TV channels in 3D. Contact us for more information and partnership opportunity.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3DTV Desktop Release!

We are happy to announce the first release of 3DTV Desktop today!

3DTV Desktop is a software solution that allows you to navigate and control your Windows7 desktop that was projected to 3DTV seamlessly when you turned on the side-by-side to 3D mode on your 3DTV. The side-by-side to 3D mode on 3DTVs assumes the contents on the screen are all side-by-side video and always convert them to the 3D mode. This is very annoying when you are actually projecting your PC screen to the 3DTV. For example, when you are viewing Youtube 3D contents in side-by-side format through your 3DTV, you would need to use your remote to turn on side-by-side to 3D and when you are done with that specific clip, you will need to use your remote control again to turn it off so that you can control your Browser or Windows screen properly before you start viewing another 3D clips again. Then you need to use your remote control again to switch to the side-by-side to 3D mode.

3DTV Desktop offers a seamless way to let you browse and use your PC screen while in side-by-side to 3D mode and automatically switched to the right mode when you are playing 3D contents in fullscreen. This is a life saver for users who plays 3D contents from PC screen and from the websites.
Download the evaluation version of 3DTV Desktop here. This evaluation version expires in 10 minutes and needs to be restarted again. You can purchase a license key to unlock the time limitation.


Windows 7 with Aero Glass support is required to run 3DTV Desktop. From the "Personalization" Control Panel. Choose one of the Aero themes to enable Aero Glass Support.

As the screen will be reduced into half width, it is recommended to choose larger font from "Display" Control Panel for a better view.

Known Issue and Limitation:

When you saw a "Failed to register hotkey" error message, it is because 3DTV Desktop application is already running.

When at 3DTV mode, there would be 2 cursors on the screen. The thinner one is the right cursor for the screen. This is the limitation of the product and we will not be fixing it. It won't affect your pleasure viewing 3D contents.

How to use 3DTV Desktop
: please see here.

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Sam Smith said...

Great info, i just bought my first 3DTV, thanks for sharing!