The Patent Pending 3Dfier
is a directshow filter that transforms normal video file to 3D in realtime. 3Dfier filter works with popular media players and support various video format as long as the files were played using direcshow.
Here you can download demo versions for evaluation purpose. This demo version runs for around 10 minutes. We are happy to work with 3D display makers/OEMs to customize a filter that works for the specifc display. Anaglyph is not the best way you can view 3D with 3Dfier filter but it is most easily available. 3Dfier works perfectly with side-by-side 3D Displays such as iZ3D monitor. It also works with 3D Vision Video Player and Stereoscopic Player that supports multiple 3D Display devices including Zalman 3D monitor, nVidia 3D Vision, e-Dimensional shutter glasses and 3DTVs. Current version works with most versions of Media Player Classic. It also works with DVBViewer and allows you to watch DVB TV channels in 3D. Contact us for more information and partnership opportunity.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3Dfier v1.0.1 retail release is available for download!


We would like to apologize for a serious problem we just found on 1.0.0 release. Version 1.0.1 is available for download now. Please proceed to download this new release from ftp. We are sorry for the inconvenience that could be caused by this problem. Please accept our sincere apology and very many thanks for your support to 3Dfier.


Jack said...

Hi there,

Any chance that 3Dfier be integrated into Windows 7 Media Center as a plug-in in a future release?

That would be great and would triple your sales...



Paramjeet said...

Hi, I can not download your latest demo version, Can you please send me that.