The Patent Pending 3Dfier
is a directshow filter that transforms normal video file to 3D in realtime. 3Dfier filter works with popular media players and support various video format as long as the files were played using direcshow.
Here you can download demo versions for evaluation purpose. This demo version runs for around 10 minutes. We are happy to work with 3D display makers/OEMs to customize a filter that works for the specifc display. Anaglyph is not the best way you can view 3D with 3Dfier filter but it is most easily available. 3Dfier works perfectly with side-by-side 3D Displays such as iZ3D monitor. It also works with 3D Vision Video Player and Stereoscopic Player that supports multiple 3D Display devices including Zalman 3D monitor, nVidia 3D Vision, e-Dimensional shutter glasses and 3DTVs. Current version works with most versions of Media Player Classic. It also works with DVBViewer and allows you to watch DVB TV channels in 3D. Contact us for more information and partnership opportunity.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Major Release on May 1st

Come back on May 1st to check a new major release. This release will come with many new features and we will offer free upgrade for existing customers.


krogan said...

awesome, ive been using 3dfier for live tv as well since i bought the hauppauge hd pvr capture via usb2 and i watch all my tv in 3d now. I compared it to samsungs 3dtv 2d to 3d conversion and i think yours is better.

Alex said...

Very excited! Have you updated the 3dfier algorithm or is this just advancing the gui and available options?

Conrad said...

What are the planned changes?

Birk said...

it's May 1st.....where is it? ;)

3Dfier said...

Guys, sorry for the delay of release due to the delay in our patent application. We expect to release the application on Monday May 3rd if everything goes well.